I have come to depend on Liz for her common sense and die-hard approach to our weather.

Leila has been a member of our Befriending service since 2011. In this series of posts, Leila shares her thoughts and experiences with us. Thank you Leila!

I had a great summer holidays with my daughter, granddaughter and Together Co Befriending Volunteer – Liz.

Because of my disability I am anchored to my immediate surroundings, so I was unable to do much in the way of outings with the little one, though I did take great pleasure in sharing events with my daughter so they could choose a few things to do.

I booked my granddaughter on a ‘Den Making and Fire Building’ day in St Ann’s Well Park, 2 x Trampolining Sessions at King Alfred, ‘Jaws and Claws’ at Booth Museum and ‘Mega Games’ at Hove Park.  She had a fantastic time and I felt included when she called me after each event to tell me about her day.  She had an amazing time and I felt good because I had given her the opportunity to have those experiences.

At the weekends, my daughter allowed my granddaughter to stay for sleepovers.  I loved this so much and we were both sad when the school holidays were over. On my granddaughter’s last sleepover, we built a camp under the kitchen table and furnished it with a duvet, pillows, books and a torch. She ate breakfast and lunch in her new camp and asked if she could sleep there. I replied that she could and her excitement was unbounded.  She slept through the night and there were a few tears when it was time to say goodbye. She was really looking forward to going back to school and seeing her friends again.

Liz came almost every week and it was nice to have adult company.  We went for tea at the garden centre a couple of times. Liz loves gardening and can often be seen on my balcony pottering about.  I have come to depend on Liz for her common sense and die-hard approach to our weather.  She is so caring and supportive and I look forward to her visits. Our friendship is flourishing.  I learn a lot about the world through her tales of her travels. I am so grateful to hear from her and I treasure her friendship so much.

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