Complaints Policy

At Together Co we welcome feedback of any kind, positive or negative.

We aim to provide high quality services at all times and love to hear from you when you think we’ve done something particularly well.

We also recognise that our service may occasionally fall short of the standards you expect. We view complaints as an opportunity to learn and improve for the future, as well as a chance to put things right for whoever has made the complaint.

If you’ve had a poor experience of any of our services, we would like to hear about it and will ensure that:

  • Your complaint is investigated fairly and in a timely way;
  • If at all possible, your complaint is resolved to your satisfaction and that relationships are repaired.

Our complaints process has three stages.

Stage 1 – The head of the service you are complaining about will contact you for an informal discussion to clarify any details and, if possible, find a way to resolve your complaint.

Stage 2 – If you are unhappy with the outcome of Stage 1, or choose not to have an informal discussion, you can send a formal complaint in writing to the head of the service you are complaining about or to our Chief Executive. If you need help to write a formal letter, you can ask us to find someone suitable outside Together Co to give you that help. We will make every effort to arrange this.

We will ask someone from another part of Together Co to investigate your complaint and will send you a response within twenty working days of our receiving the complaint. The reply will tell you what action we have taken to look into the complaint, the conclusions reached, and any action we propose to take as a result of it.

Stage 3 – If you are unhappy with the outcome of Stage 2, you can write to the Chair of the Together Co Board asking for your complaint to be reviewed. You need to do so within ten working days of receiving the Stage 2 decision.

The Chair of the Board will ask a Trustee to review the facts of the case and investigate further, if necessary. We will send you a response to your request for review within twenty-five working days of receiving it.

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