If anyone had told us a few months ago that we were about to see a 781% increase in demand for our services, we would have struggled to comprehend how our small team could manage. And yet with backing from our wonderful partners and funders, not only have we managed, but collectively, we have achieved incredible things. 

During the crisis 138 new volunteers have been engaged, trained and matched with vulnerable community members (That’s a 446% increase compared to average last year) and an extra 332 isolated local residents are now supported with telephone and practical help from our volunteers for the first time.

Much of this achievement is down to our wonderful volunteers. Old friends and new have come forward in vast numbers to offer a hand. We are deeply grateful to each and every one of them for their time and their care.

Some volunteers, like Amy and Steve, have picked up shopping every week for those who can’t get out. Others like Halima and Ethan have been calling isolated members to offer a friendly chat. 

Social Prescribing Volunteers like Judith have been taking calls from their homes to help people find the critical services they need to feel happier and healthier. Others, like Natalie have fundraised for us, or, like Pranath, have offered their professional talents to help us scale our services rapidly. We are overwhelmed and humbled by all their kindness and support. 

This Volunteers Week we wanted to say thank you and to mark this incredible work by showcasing a series of portraits of our volunteers in action. Check out our social media through the week to see them. 

Sadly this crisis is far from over for our vulnerable members. The next few months are critical for local charities like ours to be able to continue to support those in need.  We need to raise funds to ensure our vital work can continue. 

If you want to support us, just £10 could pay to train a Covid-19 volunteer to support a vulnerable person during the crisis.

Thank you to everyone for their support.

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