Thomas, Together Co Befriending volunteer, and Doris, a member of Together Co Befriending.

Thomas Buckley is a local artist interested in how the digital world can make us feel human. He runs Society of Cocktails, a mix between theatre, a bar and an art installation. For his next project he’ll be borrowing memories from members of the community and transforming them into immersive installations. Exploring sound, smell and taste, Thomas aims to allow people to see the world through a snapshot of another person’s memory.

‘Memory Bar’ opens this November – tickets are on sale through

“I’ve been volunteering with Together Co for over a year now and it’s been a huge privilege to hear the stories and memories of the people I’ve visited. On my next project ‘Memory Bar’ I’ll be interpreting these memories as cocktails – allowing you to ‘drink’ another person’s memory.

“Together Co invited me to sit down with Doris, who was more than keen to share some of her most cherished memories. It was great to hear about some of her memories from childhood: treacle tart, lemonade power but the ones that really touched me were the ones about her sister. She told me about how every day they had a routine of eating ice cream on the way home from school. No matter if it was snowing, raining or if on the rare occasion it was sunny. I loved this image of two sisters sharing an umbrella eating ice cream on the walk home from school. This tender shared moment is something I’ll be trying to create at my next event – the sound of water drops over an umbrella, the taste of wafer and vanilla and the scent of rain beating off the paths.

“It was so wonderful to see how Doris lit up while sharing these stories.”

Doris will be just one of many people whose memories you’ll be able to step into at Memory Bar. And, if you’re sitting on a memory like Doris’s, you can submit to to be in with a chance of having your memory featured on the menu.

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