Brechje’s Story

Brechje has joined Together Co during the Covid-19 crisis as one of our volunteer phone befrienders. She also delivers food shopping and urgent supplies to our member across Brighton & Hove on her bike.


Speaking to friends over the phone is almost a therapy in itself, a form of letting things out, but sometimes speaking to someone impartial like a stranger goes even further, and can be even easier.”

“I’ve been paired with one lady, we’ve spoken on the phone a few times – I call her around once a week. We chat and share different things… The first time I spoke to her, she was talking about her situation and a lot of the difficulties she’s having at the moment, and how things – because of the situation – are making her mental health a lot worse. We ended up talking for a long time. Without really noticing, an hour had passed.

“She’s got such a great personality, and is very up front, which is really funny. She’s very easy to have a conversation with – I always enjoy it.”


A huge thanks to Brechje and all our volunteers who are making a difference to isolated and vulnerable people in Brighton and Hove during the crisis. We are incredibly grateful for all your hard work and care.

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“The positive relationship I had with my link worker was crucial. I had someone trustworthy and reliable to communicate with.”

“Halima brings me a lot of joy and makes me feel worthwhile, she connects me to the outside world and I feel included in her life too.”

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