David’s Story

David was struggling with a trauma and social isolation when he was put in touch with Together Co’s social prescribing services. Here, he was linked in with social activities in his area, including a photography course that he particularly enjoyed – and continues practising to this day. David speaks very passionately about the importance of tackling loneliness and social isolation.


I’d been through a trauma when I was referred to Together Co, as my doctor suggested they might be able to find me something to help me get through that.

In my first meeting, I filled out a few forms about my interests and was suggested to go on a photography course, which Together Co set up for me. It was a timely thing and definitely served me as a sort of therapy, as it allowed me to be creative and explore what I wanted to do.

It was so serendipitous, the window of opportunity was so significant and I wouldn’t have explored it otherwise. You can feel quite lonely even living in a community, and I was feeling quite lost – Together Co certainly nudged me in the right direction and my wellbeing improved immeasurably.

I’m feeling much more connected than I was now, and have even been selling my photography at local markets. I really feel that what Together Co do is so important, and an essential part of any community.

You can feel quite lonely even living in a community, and I was feeling quite lost.

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“The positive relationship I had with my link worker was crucial. I had someone trustworthy and reliable to communicate with.”

“Halima brings me a lot of joy and makes me feel worthwhile, she connects me to the outside world and I feel included in her life too.”

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