Rob & Dan’s Story

As befriending volunteers in the 70’s, Rob and his wife visited people who were experiencing isolation. Yet when Rob’s wife died and his own health began to decline, he called on the service for himself. Rob is visited by Dan, a Together Co Befriending Volunteer, who Rob calls ‘a breath of fresh air.’


My wife and I saw an advert in a window in Brighton in 1977 asking for befriending volunteers. I said to my wife ‘this is something we could get involved with’. And that was that. We visited older people, the long term sick, and the homebound.

After I had a stroke I lost my mobility and was moved to supported accommodation. I hated it. Dan came to visit me. I like everything about Dan. He’s so patient, gentle and kind. We play cards and dominoes and talk about books, records and art. When I see him come through the door it’s like a breath of fresh air. He’s the best mate anyone could have.

I like everything about Dan. He’s so patient, gentle and kind.


Visiting Rob, I get to see a different perspective on life. We talk about his family, his life and play dominoes. We have a great rapport. I don’t visit him out of pity or obligation. We’re great friends. When I first started volunteering I was unemployed, now I’m a support worker. In a way, I guess meeting Rob helped me find what I’m good at.

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“The positive relationship I had with my link worker was crucial. I had someone trustworthy and reliable to communicate with.”

“Halima brings me a lot of joy and makes me feel worthwhile, she connects me to the outside world and I feel included in her life too.”

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