Sally’s Story

Evicted from her home, Sally spent a few scary nights sleeping rough. Finally housed in emergency accommodation, Sally went to her GP with suicidal feelings. Along with vital medication, her doctor suggested she tried the social prescribing service at Together Co. Here a link worker helped Sally connect with services that could help her get back on track.


I tried to sleep in parks, but never felt safe, in the end I slept on the street where I used to live. I hardly slept. You rarely sleep when you’re on your own on the street. I felt so low. I never thought this would happen to me, especially at my age. I was more or less suicidal.

One of the Social Prescribing link workers came to see me. She pushed me forward, gave me help and advice. She encouraged me. She was easy and comfortable to work with. I felt she was supporting me, she took me to places that could help.

I’m now in a permanent home and really looking forward to settling in. I took up volunteering and feel better in myself than I did before. I would recommend people to try the service. It helps you move forward.

My link worker pushed me forward, gave me help and advice. She encouraged me.

*Names and images have been changed to protect the identities of those involved

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“The positive relationship I had with my link worker was crucial. I had someone trustworthy and reliable to communicate with.”

“Halima brings me a lot of joy and makes me feel worthwhile, she connects me to the outside world and I feel included in her life too.”

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