Steve’s Story

With his cheery smile and warm sense of humour, shopping delivery volunteer Steve is a ray of sunshine to many of our members who are extremely vulnerable to Covid19 and can’t get out.

Steve supports five of our members each week, delivering food and other essentials. As a long-term carer for his late wife, Steve understands the challenges many people are facing.


“I’m there for everyone – I’ve always been that way. To me, I’m carrying on the work from when I was looking after my late wife. I know what I’m good at – and it’s this.

As well as food delivery, Steve is keeping in touch with members over the phone. 

“I’ll ring most of them once a week to find out how they are. One of the people I visit, he’s in assisted living and his flat is on the first floor. So I ring the office and tell them to get him to stand by the window at a certain time. And I’ll stand on the ground floor on the grass outside and talk up at him while he’s standing by the window.

Each one of the people I visit are lovely. All of my memories and moments with the people I spend time with are good ones.”

A huge thanks to Steve and all our volunteers who are making a difference to isolated and vulnerable people in Brighton and Hove during the crisis. We are incredibly grateful for all your hard work and care.

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“The positive relationship I had with my link worker was crucial. I had someone trustworthy and reliable to communicate with.”

“Halima brings me a lot of joy and makes me feel worthwhile, she connects me to the outside world and I feel included in her life too.”

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