Volunteer with us

We connect people with opportunities to get involved in their community.

We can support you to gain new experience and skills or we can take your existing talents and expertise to where they are needed most. Give us your time and enthusiasm and we’ll help you turn them into a powerful force for good.

Gain new skills and knowledge

You don’t need any particular qualifications or experience to volunteer with us. In fact, volunteering is a great way of developing new skills that can boost your CV or of keeping your skills fresh. We’ll make sure you’ve got all the support and training you need, and answer any questions you might have along the way.

Transform someone’s life

It’s amazing the difference you can make to someone’s life simply by showing up for them. Whether it’s a weekly chat over a cup of tea with a neighbour or helping someone find local services that could support them, you’ll soon become that person who makes someone’s day or week a better one.

Do good, feel good

Giving your time freely to someone or something other than yourself is one of the most rewarding things you can do. You’ll meet people from different walks of life to your own and gain skills and experiences that you might not otherwise have. It’s a sure-fire route to feeling good.

Connect with your community

Being more connected to our community is good for us all. It widens our network of people and places we can call on when we need to and helps us feel part of something bigger than ourselves. Volunteering is a great way of tapping into the opportunities and potential that are there right on our doorstep.

Volunteering opportunities

Roles are only available to Brighton & Hove residents at this time.
Please specify during your application which role you are applying for.

Befriending Volunteer

1+ hours per week

There are so many people in our city who long for a little company and support at home each week from someone just like you. Give an hour or two of your time each week and you could change someone’s world.

Buddy Volunteer

2+ hours per week

We are looking for volunteers to give short term support to enable people to achieve a goal, with the aim of giving our clients more confidence to engage with their interests.  Giving your time each week could help connect someone with the outside world and their community. 

Casserole Club Befriending Volunteer

1+ hours per week

Some of our members find it difficult to cook meals for themselves day-in-day-out. You’ll help provide balanced meals via an extra dinner portion on a weekly or fortnightly basis.

Amy, one of Together Co's Covid-19 volunteers

Befriending Mental Health Phone Support Volunteer

1+ hours per week

We are specifically looking for volunteers to support people with accompanying mental health needs. A friendly telephone call can make a big difference to someone who spends most of their time alone.

Amy, one of Together Co's Covid-19 volunteers

Befriending HIV Support Volunteer

1+ hours per week

We are looking for volunteers to develop supportive friendships that will help combat feelings of isolation and loneliness among people with HIV.

Evaluation and Review Volunteer

2-4 hours per week

We’re seeking volunteers to help us review existing matches and gather monitoring data, to help us evaluate the success of the service. You will input the information and data into our database.  

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