Volunteering role

Befriending Volunteer

There are so many people in our city who long for a little company and support each week from someone just like you. Give an hour or so of your time each week and you could change someone’s world.

Time required

Flexible (average time is 1-2 hours a week or fortnight). We hope you would be able to commit for at least six months.

Key skills required

  • Reliable
  • Trustworthy
  • Personable and able to relate well to older people or people with physical disabilities
  • Sensitive to people’s needs and feelings
  • Happy to regularly check in with our Volunteer Coordinator
  • Able to complete basic reporting information to us

As a befriender, you’ll be carefully matched with one individual who we think you’d be a good fit for. You’ll visit them at home for an hour or so each week or fortnight for a cup of tea and a chat. You might also accompany your person on walks to their local shops or cafe (including wheelchair escorting). Some befrienders also use their own car to take their person on outings.

Other activities might include help with form filling or making phone calls, reading aloud together, playing games, or meal sharing (Casserole Club). You might also carry out a few simple tasks, if you are happy and able to do so, like small repairs/minor DIY (excluding electrical or plumbing work), or a bit of gardening.

This is not a carer role, and you won’t be asked to carry out tasks that are essential to a person’s basic survival such as personal care, medical care, regular domestic work, and regular shopping.

Where and when you visit is largely down to you as a volunteer. A particular feature of Together Co Befriending is its neighborhood focus, so we’ll try and match you with someone local to your home or work.

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Other available roles

Befriending Phone Support

1+ hours per week

A friendly telephone call can make a big difference to someone who spends most of their time alone. You’ll be that person on the other end of the phone that makes someone feel less alone.

Volunteer Driver

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Getting around the city can be a real problem for many people as they grow older. If you’ve got your own vehicle and some time to spare, you can help people get to the places they need to stay happy and healthy.

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