Alex Brining, Social Prescribing Operational Lead
  • Q: What is social prescribing?

    A: Social prescribing involves helping people to improve their health, wellbeing and social welfare by listening to their needs and connecting them to community groups and services.

  • Q: What does a social prescribing volunteer do?

    A: It’s a really varied role. Our volunteers help people develop a social or support network, access hard-to-find help or to get out more and join a local group. This can improve people’s wellbeing and health, as well as their independence and resilience for the challenges they face. Our volunteers listen to people, discuss options, and support them to identify and access what is right for them. This involves supporting people one to one, typically over a period of two to three months.

  • Q: How many hours a week do volunteers need to offer?

    A: Hours are flexible and most volunteers give 3-4 hours or more a week.

  • Q: How many people do volunteers support and where are volunteers based?

    A: Volunteers often help between six and twelve people every month. They are based in GP surgeries or in other community venues and support people face to face and over the phone.

  • Q: How are volunteers trained?

    A: We’re really proud of the quality of training that our volunteers receive. We offer really thorough and specialist training on social prescribing, empowering conversations, maintaining boundaries and much more. There is a day’s induction training to start and a period of coaching that follows that. We provide regular one-to-one supervision, a monthly team meeting with guest speakers and access to Brighton and Hove City Council training.

  • Q: What’s the deadline for recruitment?

    A: We’re happy to receive applications at any time, but please click here for the latest information about the role including any recruitment dates.

  • Q: Why should people sign up?

    A: Volunteers tell us that this is a positively challenging role and that they really grow and learn lots from it. They often say that it’s very rewarding and different every week. Some go on to pursue careers that require this skill set and experience, which we love to see.

  • Q: Where can volunteers sign up or find more info?

    A: You can click here to find out more or email us if you have any questions.

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